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Welcome to CHRYSTALS Mobile Dental Hygienist Specialist in Dental Hygiene Care for YOU and Residents of Senior and Independent Living
Welcome to CHRYSTALSMobile Dental Hygienist   Specialist in Dental Hygiene Care for YOU and Residents of Senior and Independent Living 

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chrystals wishes to reassure clients of their ongoing safety knowing that all our sterilisable instruments are safely transported in a sealed container, to a central decontamination unit for sterilisation. They are then individually pouched and returned for our use.

In addition, disposable single use items are used for every client, including full PPE.


As a mobile dental hygienist service, there is NO compromise. 


We are happy to take your details for future bookings

and look forward to seeing you again once this lockdown has been lifted.


Your safety is our priority



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