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Welcome to CHRYSTALS Mobile Dental Hygienist Specialist in Dental Hygiene Care for YOU and Residents of Senior and Independent Living info@chrystals.uk
Welcome to CHRYSTALSMobile Dental Hygienist     Specialist in Dental Hygiene Care for YOUand Residents of Senior and Independent Livinginfo@chrystals.uk

Oral hygiene services


Services include (this is not an exhaustive list)




Medical history check

Dental hygiene evaluation and examination

Oral health and cancer screening

Gum disease examination

Denture check (and referral if necessary)

Informed of ny visible cavities

Assessment of your personal dental aims and goals





Professional dental cleaning and polish (removal of calculus/tartar and extrinsic staining)

Choice of ultrasonic and/or hand scaling

Oral hygiene instruction

Product recommendation

Periodontal (gum) treatment

Deep scaling and root planing where necessary

Teeth polishing using cutting edge technology Prophyjet/Airflow system

Fluoride treatment

Fissure sealent (with dentist consultation to prevent decay in deep fissures of permenant teeth)

Teeth whitening (with dentist consultation) Home whitening/laser whitening

Custom fit whitening trays

Referral to a dentist or periodontist (gum specialist)

Dry mouth therapies

Smoking cessation guidance

Sensitivity treatment

Intraoral images viewed on tablet

Temporary fillings

Temporary recementing of crowns







Our fees vary based on each client’s specific dental hygiene needs.

For more information about our fees,

please contact us on info@chrystalsdh.co.uk

Mobile: 07931757304



We offer a Silver, Gold and Plantinum,

Gum Treatment and Descale and polish service with approximate fees of:


Silver          - up to 30 minutes        £85.00

Gold           - up to 60 minutes    £130.00*

Platinum     - up to 90 minutes      £195.00


Residential care  - 60 minutes      £140.00

May include 'airflow' high polish 


*Most Popular


Clients are assessed by their individual requirements.